Employment Opportunities

Event Staff
Patron Relations, Crowd Control, Ticket-Taking, and Ushering. Good customer service skills necessary. Evening Schedule.

Responsibilities may include food preparation, alcohol service and general concession activity for events at Rose Music Center at The Heights. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age. Employees must be 19 years old to serve alcohol. To apply for a Concessions position, please see the City of Huber Heights application at the end of this page.

Grounds Crew/Maintenance

Facility and Property clean-up, Set-up and Minor Repairs. Morning, afternoon, evening and overnight schedules.


Preparing and maintaining dressing rooms for multiple buildings. Good customer service and communication skills necessary. Flexible schedule.


Parking vehicles, Directing traffic in parking lots, Patron relations, During show cleaning of parking lots. Good customer service skills necessary. Evening schedule.

Maintenance Manager

Departmental Responsibility: To work on a seasonal basis in regards to opening, running, and closing the venue while maintaining the venue during the season of events in a satisfactory manner and to facilitate any jobs that arise based on the calendar of events and needs of those events. Reports to Director of Operations & Production.

Departmental Duties:

Departmental Summary: The Maintenance Manager is a vital position to a facility and event to keep all aspect of the venue in clean, functioning, and updated condition. It’s the behind the scenes functions that create a positive, clean, and enjoyable experience for all patrons and attendees.

Security / Event Staff Supervisor

Departmental Responsibility: Event Staff supervisor is a seasonal position responsible for hiring, training, and scheduling a dependable, attentive, and courteous staff for the duration of the summer. They are “front line” employees who deal directly with the consumer/patron. Event Staff supervisor reports directly to the Director of Operations & Production.

Departmental Duties:

Departmental Summary: Event Staff are considered among all other employees, as the “front line” employees. They are the first impression when guests come into the venue. They are trained to be courteous, provide safety, give valuable information, and handle issues in a professional manager. The event staff manager is the one directly responsible for these employees.


Employment Application


To apply for a Concessions position, please use the employment application HERE.